The 2-Headed Shark is the main antagonist of the 2012 American horror film 2-Headed Shark Attack.

Unknown processes have caused a great white shark off the coast of an atoll of islands to be born with a second head; the shark then attacks the passengers of a Semester at Sea ship.


The 2-Headed Shark is nearly identical to a typical great white shark, the only difference being that it has two heads side-by-side.

Powers and Abilities

The 2-Headed Shark possesses the following powers and abilities:

  • Sharp teeth
  • Fast swimming
  • Multiple heads


The shark is killed after it is tricked into biting the onboard motor of a speedboat, causing the motor to explode.


  • The rubber shark used for close-ups was designer by Cleve Hall, star of the short-lived Syfy Channel series Monster Man.
    • The original design for the creature involved the two heads being on top of one another, but Hall successfully convinced the filmmakers to put the heads side-by-side.

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