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The Bed Monster is the antagonist in the 2012 film Under The Bed.

The Bed Monster plays on the childhood fear of the dark places while we sleep. It is the monster that lives under the bed consuming the dead skin cells we shed everytime we sleep. No longer satisfied with skin cells it now seeks to find and eat its prey entirely. Only light keeps it trapped in its mysterious goulish domain as it waits for darkness to fall so it can come out from Under The Bed.

As its desperation and hunger increase, Neal and Paulie take extreme measures to try to keep it from killing their entire family. Running away has no effect as it follows them to the neighbor's home and kills that family except for the sister. It has their scent now...and its out from under the bed. When Paulie is taken under the bed its up to Neal to go in and get him out. Its a deadly battle...some will not survive. When the battle is finished, is it dead or ... is it now UNDER YOUR BED?


The Bed Monster resembles a man only in build. This ghoulish monster has a misshapen body and face with a light greyish decayed skin over exposed bone structure. It shambles as it moves but moves quickly.

Powers and Abilities

The Bed Monster possesses the following powers and abilities:

  • Generates fog mist which can shut off lights
  • Object levitation, furniture shaking
  • Claws, grabs
  • Great strength, can dismember people
  • Stealth
  • Causes hallucinations
  • Materializes out of old mattresses
  • Wears shrouds of bed linens
  • Chases its prey, drags, abducts
  • Burning touch
  • Ambush attack strategy, execution


The Bed Monster is finally defeated by Neal when he throws his mother's ashes on it during the final battle in the garage.


  • Steven C. Miller pulls back the curtain and gives you the film he’s been wanting to present all along, a souped up version of a child’s nightmare.
  • Plays on common childhood fear of the dark.

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