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Therealskwirlinator Therealskwirlinator 16 February

Movie Titles and Year Needing Monster Pages

Movie Posters in Image Database needing Monster Pages Created.

  • Some may already have monster images uploaded to the database
  • Some may have pages needing posters
  • Some may have multiple monsters in the same film
  • Some may be updated versions of classic/already posted monsters

Serial killers are not monsters unless they are supernatural (not normal deranged humans).

The Widow (2020).jpg

Barney Burman's Wild Boar (2019).jpg

Benny Loves You (2019).jpg

Blood Vessel (2019).jpg

Char Man (2019).jpg

Crawl (2019).jpg

Demon Squad (2019).jpg

Demons Inside Me (2019).…

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Therealskwirlinator Therealskwirlinator 6 February

Short Cuts I've Learned

Since at least 1 image is desired for each monster page, uploading images is the first step to creating a new movie monster page. It then seems sensible to preload images to our databse to reduce page creation time and effort. Here are some shortcuts and tips to make using the image database easier and faster.

  • In the 'caption' section of the image upload interface, copy and paste the movie title for the source material.
  • When renaming the file prior to upload, use the movie title as the image file name, followed by whatever you desire.


Slender Man (2018) (in the caption section of the image upload interface)

Slender Man (2018) main (as the main page image file name)

Slender Man (2018) 1, 2, 3, etc... (as additional images file names)


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Therealskwirlinator Therealskwirlinator 2 February


For tracking personal notes for to-do.

A running log

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Therealskwirlinator Therealskwirlinator 24 January

Movie Monsters VS Monster Movies

  • 1 Clarification
    • 1.1 Movie Monsters
    • 1.2 Monster Movies
    • 1.3 Monsters
    • 1.4 Creatures
  • 2 Pok Moks (general observations and notes)

Gotta remind myself sometimes there's a difference between a Movie Monster and a Monster Movie.

Movie Monsters are Monsters and horrific creatures which appear in movies. They may or may not be the focus of the film.

Monster Movies are movies which focus on one or more Monsters or Creatures. Also known as Creature Features.

A "Monster" in film may or may not be a creature. People can be monsters in film as well as places and things.

A "Creature" in film refers to something which is alive and survives biologically. Doesn't matter if it is Earth-based, ocean, space, alien, or dimensional. It has basic life processes which it needs to s…

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Therealskwirlinator Therealskwirlinator 18 January

Category Detail Worksheet

Category Detail Worksheet

  • 1 Action Plan
    • 1.1 Step One:
    • 1.2 Step Two:
    • 1.3 Step Three:
  • 2 Action Details
  • 3 Action Plan Intended Results and Reasoning

  1. Create definitions for Existing undefined categories
  2. Create descriptive New Categories and their descriptions
  3. Adjust category members to reflect descriptions

  • Read all undated categories to determine scope of project for updating category page descriptions.
  • Edit page category lists to combine duplicate categories as needed.
  • Make a list of all zero member categories to submit for removal.

  • Assess populated categories to determine the need for new descriptive categories.
  • Make a list of proposed sub-category descriptors.
  • Write description pages for all 'new' categories.

  • Submit new category outlines to global message for feedback…

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CompactDisc2009 CompactDisc2009 4 July 2021

Movie Monster List

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LenovoSin LenovoSin 5 May 2021

Movie Monster List

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MovieMonsters789 MovieMonsters789 26 April 2021

Upcoming Movie Monsters

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Sebastiano targa Sebastiano targa 30 July 2020

Sebastiano targa

Sebastiano targa Is the mail protagonist or antagonist in the unknown title.

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Top2456 Top2456 16 November 2019


Any non-vandalists can edit.

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Top2456 Top2456 11 November 2019

Attack of the Killer Donuts 2: The Killer Cupcakes

Story: The Killer Donuts return to wreak havoc on the town. However, a new threat known as the Killer Cupcakes emerges and begin to drive the Killer Donuts out while at the same time eating humans alive. Both sides soon realize that the only way to get rid of the Killer Cupcakes once and for all is to join forces and work together. Can they do it?

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Isaiahpayne1996 Isaiahpayne1996 13 April 2019

Ariana The Giantess Robot versus Lilith The Demon Vampire Woman

Ariana The Giantess The Robot


Lilith The Demon Vampire Woman

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CrystalManta CrystalManta 6 June 2018

Pages Needed to be Made

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