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The Blood Glacier Bacteria are the main antagonists of the 2013 Austrian horror film Blood Glacier.

If an organism consumes any of this blood-red bacteria, it will have the bacteria in its DNA. If that organism is then consumed by another, this second organism will then mutate, gaining anatomical aspects of the creature it consumed and becoming hyper-aggressive.


The bacteria are blood-red, single-celled organisms responsible for the red coloration of certain glaciers. The mutants created by the bacteria include a moth-deer hybrid, a wasp-bird hybrid, and a fox-beetle hybrid.

Powers and Abilities

The Blood Glacier Bacteria possess the following powers and abilities:

  • DNA combination


Although all of the mutant animals are killed, Tanja's (a pregnant woman who had succumbed to the bacteria) mutated baby is discovered and adopted by the surviving members of the group.


  • The film's concept is a reference to the real-life Blood Falls in East Antarctica.

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