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The Bratzis are the main antagonists of the 2016 American comedy-horror film Yoga Hosers.

Constructed as a clone army by chief Canadian Nazi scientist Andronicus Arcane in order to overthrow Canada, the Bratzis are human/Bratwurst sausage hybrids with thick German accents.


The Bratzis are 1-foot tall anthropomorphic bratwurst sausages that are dressed in red Canadian Mountie uniforms. As they are sausages, they are obese and bloated, with thick fingers and noticeable double chins. They have human faces and Adolf Hitler-style mustaches.

Powers and Abilities

The Bratzis possess the following powers and abilities:

  • Human intelligence
  • Operation of the Goalie Golem


The Bratzis are eventually killed while piloting the Goalie Golem by Colleen and Colleen, who utilize their yoga skills.


  • The Bratzis are played by the film's director, Kevin Smith.

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