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The Chechen Bats are the main antagonists of the 2007 American horror film Bats: Human Harvest.

A rogue American weapons researcher named Dr. Benton Walsh has genetically engineered a breed of giant carnivorous bats, forcing a group of Delta Force soldiers in Chechnya to destroy them.


The Chechen Bats are large vampire bats with brown fur, white underbellies, and brown, leathery wings. They have large pointed ears and sharp fangs.

Powers and Abilities

The Chechen Bats possess the following powers and abilities:

  • Sharp teeth
  • Flight
  • Echolocation


The bats are lured to Walsh's camp and incinerated after several fuel tanks are detonated. One bat is shown to have survived.


  • The film was directed by Jamie Dixon, a basketball coach who has coached for numerous university teams.

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