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Cthulhu is an ancient aquatic entity that first appeared in the 2020 science fiction film Underwater.


Due to being reinterpreted from an abstract cosmic entity to a creature with a corporeal organic form, Cthulhu can be perceived with the naked eye by humans.

Cthulhu maintains most of his consistent characteristics that have become iconic among Lovecraft fans and writers. He is as large as a mountain, has a grotesque, vaguely humanoid upper body (unseen lower body), and a head with octopus-like characteristics. He has an elongated skull with four eyes, a chin covered with a beard of tentacles, and a jaw that displays many layers of fangs and teeth and a lower jaw that appears to split in two. He has protrusions around his body that resemble emaciated bone-like wings.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immense size
  • Vast strength
  • Control over spawns
  • Aquatic physiology


  • The creature was never explicitly named Cthulhu in the film, but only named and confirmed by the film's director, after principle photography of the film was completed. In fact, the creature was code-named "Behemoth" and incompletely designed during shooting, and was not even decided to be the Lovecraftian monster until post-production.