Daisy and Rosebud are minor antagonists in the 1988 American comedy-horror film Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

When the Terenzi brothers fall through a trapdoor, they land in a ball pit in front of two female Klowns who inflate their breasts and make out with them.


Daisy is a female Klown with dark pink hair in a pigtails style. Each pigtail has a pink bow, and there is a blue and white feather in her hair. She wears a light blue bodysuit. Rosebud has a large red haircut, a blue bodysuit, and a plaid vest.

Powers and Abilities

Daisy and Rosebud possess the following powers and abilities:

  • Feminine charm
  • Inflatable breasts


They are last seen about to make out with the Terenzi brothers. It can be assumed that they are killed when the ship explodes.


  • Due to the fact that Debbie, a woman, was captured in a balloon rather than turned into cotton candy, it is possible that Daisy and Rosebud were humans that were transformed into female Klowns for breeding purposes.

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