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Gabara is the main antagonist of the 1969 Japanese kaiju film All Monsters Attack.

When a bullied boy named Ichiro falls asleep, he dreams that he is on Monster Island, where he witnesses Godzilla's son Minilla being bullied by an oni-like creature.


Gabara is an aquamarine humanoid creature with bumpy skin and a shock of orange hair on its head. Its underbelly is light gray and is heavily armored. Its face is distinctly feline in formation, with flaring nostrils and a split lit. Gabara has two large ears and a single horn on its head.

Powers and Abilities

Gabara possesses the following powers and abilities:

  • Sharp claws
  • Tough hide
  • Enormous size
  • Electrokinesis


Gabara survives the events of the film, simply retreating after Godzilla beats it up sufficiently.


  • Gabara's scenes were some of the film's only original footage. In the 70's Gabara also would appear in toho's first ever kyodai tokusatsu show (which was low budget), this show was Go! Godman!

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