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Gezora is a major antagonist in the 1970 Japanese kaiju film Space Amoeba.

An extraterrestrial creature named Yog mutates a cuttlefish into an enormous monster to attack Sergio Island.


Gezora is a gigantic gray cuttlefish that walks in an erect fashion. It has eight tentacles: six thick ones used for locomotion and two diametrically opposite thinner tentacles used for grasping. Gezora has two very large eyes with yellow sclera, no irises, and large red pupils.

Powers and Abilities

Gezora possesses the following powers and abilities:

  • Enormous size
  • Tentacles
  • Amphibious locomotion
  • Emission of cooling gas


Gezora is lured into a gasoline-flooded field from a munitions dump and set ablaze after he is drenched in gasoline. He flees into the ocean and presumably dies.


  • Gezora is generally considered a Godzilla monster despite never having appeared in a film in the series.

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