The Giant Python is the main antagonist in the 2000 made-for-TV horror movie Python.

The Giant Python is an abnormally large reticulated python that has been genetically engineered in Southeast Asia, blending several species.


The Giant Python resembles a gigantic yellow and black reticulated python.

Powers and Abilities

The Giant Python possesses the following powers and abilities.

  • Sharp teeth
  • Constriction
  • Enormous size
  • Powerful bite
  • Speeds exceeding 50 miles an hour
  • Skin that can deflect an antitank round
  • Enhanced night vision


The Giant Python was pushed to a vat of acid, causing the snake to be disemboweled and killed by the acid.


  • The Giant Python also appeared in Pythons 2 and Boa vs. Python.
  • The film Python was followed by a sequel named New Alcatraz also known as Boa.
  • There was a crossover between Python and Boa, where the Boa is supossed to be in the protagonists' team and the Giant Python was the bad one.
  • The Giant Python in Boa vs. Python was green instead of the snake's original colour.

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