The Indominus rex is the main antagonist of Jurassic World.


The Indominus rex is a man-made hybrid dinosaur with the DNA of other species of theropod dinosaurs (which include Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, Therizinosaurus, Velociraptor, and Tyrannosaurus rex), as well as modern animals such as cuttlefish, tree dart frog and pit viper. It is known that the Indominus rex was designed to be the most dominant of the dinosaurs in size and intelligence, and the deadliest of them all.

At a cursory glance, she resembles a freakishly large albino Tyrannosaurus rex with longer arms resembling those of Velociraptor nublarensis, but closer inspection betrays her chimeric nature. Unlike a Velociraptor, her rugged, horned head proudly hallmarks to her Carnotaurus heritage. The I. rex possesses rows of jagged, gnarly teeth, and her mouth bleeds profusely, as a result of her cracking and growing in random directions. Fitting for dinosaurs born to scare visitors, her eyes are fiery red in color.

Her body is coated in osteoderms, making her bulletproof, though she did not try her luck against a rocket launcher. She also has long, muscular arms and grasping fingers with opposable thumbs, giving them an edge over fellow giant dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex, as she slashed Rexy in the face, and if it was not for Blue's help, she would have ended the life of the elderly Tyrannosaurus.

Powers and Abilities

Indominus rex was given the powers from each of genetic choices such as her high intelligence from the Velociraptor, but much smarter, her size and incredible strength from Tyrannosaurus rex DNA with powerful jaw strength as well, cuttlefish DNA to be given the ability to camouflage themselves, and powerful senses.


During her fight with Rexy the Tyrannosaurus and Blue the Velociraptor, the Indominus was cornered on the pier of the Jurassic World lagoon, whereupon she was dragged underwater and devoured by the resident Mosasaurus.

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