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The Jingles Changeling is the antagonist in the second segment of the 2015 Christmas horror anthology, A Christmas Horror Story.


The Jingles Changeling's appearance is a small pale lime green skinned creature with thin silvery strands of hair, one eye socket with a sicky green eyeball surrounded by a blood red iris the other swollen shut with bloated dark purple eyelids, green scabby claws with a moss-like texture, a sunken in mouth with purplish black lips and sugar pink nose like that of a mole.

Powers and Abilities

The Jingles Changeling possesses the following powers and abilities:

  • Deception
  • shapeshifting
  • voice mimicking
  • superhuman strength
  • speed
  • teleportation


The Jingles Changeling is returned to his hallow and gives Will back to his mother


  • seems unfazed by human emotions
  • since its always lived in the hallow the changeling could well be a million years old if not longer.
  • it seems to enjoy spaghetti and waltz of the flowers.
  • has some perverted tendencies such as watching Will's mother in the shower
  • although it took Will's shape it could not replicate his timed shy personality.
  • has a hatred for human men like Will's father.

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