The Shriekers are the main antagonists of the 1996 American comedy-horror film Tremors 2: Aftershocks and its four sequels.

After a Graboid consumes sufficient food, it will undergo a several-hour long metamorphosis process, releasing between 3 to 6 theropod-like Shriekers from its body like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.


Shriekers are 4-foot tall bipedal mollusks with a theropod dinosaur-like body shape. Their beaks are similar to those of the Graboids, being made up of a wide upper jaw, a thin lower jaw, and two hooked mandibles. Instead of three mouthed tentacles, they possess a single tongue that lacks jaws of its own. Shriekers possess large red pouches on their necks. On top of their heads, they have an orange, brain-like organ that can open up, allowing them to sense body heat like a pit viper.

Powers and Abilities

Shriekers possess the following powers and abilities:

  • Armored hide
  • Heat-sensing organ
  • Fast reproduction


At the end of the film, the Shriekers are trapped inside an ammunitions warehouse, which is blown up with several thousand pounds of explosive, killing them all.


  • Shriekers are hermaphroditic; by consuming enough food, they can parthenogenetically expel a rapidly growing infant from their mouths.

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