Sputnik Symbiont

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The Sputnik Symbiont is the main antagonist in the 2020 film Sputnik.

During the early 1980s two cosmonauts performing orbital research suffer spacecraft malfunctions which cause them to crash in Kazakhstan. Only one cosmonaut survives but he is not alone. Within the survivor's body resides an alien creature symbiont which exits the cosmonauts body at night. An alien of unknown origin which is lethal to humans. Always returning to the safety of its unconscious host, who has no recollection or is even aware of its presence.

Now imprisoned in a secret military lab, experiments are being conducted in an effort to control the creature and make it submit to the military agenda. It has other plans.


Spunik Alien Design.jpg
Sputnik Symbiont Alien Design

The Sputnik Symbiont possesses arms and hands but no lower extremeties. It has a long leathery tail a triangular head with moving flaps on each side. It appears to have multiple eyes or light sensitive patches near two black lidless eyes above its mouth.

Its mouth is lined with random sharp teeth and a jaw which opens quite wide. Its muscular system is small and strong but petite and its chest is small and bony looking with small bones which make it possible for it to fold itslf into a smaller size to fit back into its host.

It moves much like a snake but can use its hands to assist with locomotion. Its tail is prehensile like an elephant's trunk. Using it to grasp its prey and other items.

Powers and Abilities

The Sputnik Symbiont possesses the following powers and abilities:

  • Sharp teeth
  • Extreme strength for its size
  • Feeds on human brains
  • Symbiotic/may be parasitic
  • Nocturnal (primarily)
  • Maintains/Preserves its host's health
  • Psychic connection with its host
  • Aware of friend and foe


The Sputnik Symbiont is killed when its host commits suicide.


  • 'Sputnik' is a word associated with space exploration, as it was the name of the first artificial satellite put in orbit around the earth. It is also the Russian word for 'companion' or 'fellow traveler', alluding to the companion the commander brings along.
  • The way komodo dragons moved were a major visual reference for the alien creature.
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