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Stomachcrumble is a minor antagonist in the 2013 Hungarian comedy-horror film Gingerclown 3-D.

The best friend and partner-in-crime of Braineater, Stomachcrumble is a hulkish beast with a slobbery, almost unintelligible pattern of speech, although Braineater seems to understand him fine.


Not much of Stomachcrumble's appearance is shown, but he is a large hulking creature. His head is gray-colored and heavily wrinkled. His two yellow eyes, the left one larger than the right one, are on the end of thick, forward-facing eyestalks. On his head are a pair of curved ram-like horns. His lower jaw with protruding red gums sticks forward, giving him an underbite and probably contributing to his garble speech.

Powers and Abilities

Stomachcrumble possesses the following powers and abilities:

  • Claws
  • Human intelligence


Braineater's fate is left unseen, so it is assumed he survives the events of the film.


  • Stomachcrumble is voiced by American voice actor Michael Winslow.

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