The Mangler is the main antagonist of the 1995 American horror film The Mangler.

The Mangler is a demonically possessed laundry press at Bill Gartley's Blue Ribbon Laundry service, where it begins to kill employees and customers alike.


The Mangler is a large dark gray, almost black, industrial laundry press. It has a black conveyor belt that moves laundry into its main pressing chamber; several archways stand over the treads.

Powers and Abilities

The Mangler possesses the following powers and abilities:

  • Sentience
  • Durability
  • Mobility
  • Possession


While struggling to catch the protagonists, who have fallen down a manhole too small for The Mangler to enter, a crucial piece of it is dislodged and falls into the water, shutting it down. However, it later returns to the store in perfect condition.


  • The film was directed by Tobe Hooper, who also directed Poltergeist.

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