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The Triffids are the titular main antagonists of the 1962 British horror film The Day of the Triffids and its remakes.

Domesticated by humans and farmed for the valuable oil they produce, the Triffids gain the upper hand when a mysterious meteor shower and an accompanying flash of bright light renders the Earth's population completely blind, allowing the carnivorous plants to pick people off one by one.


The Triffids are tall, thin carnivorous plants. Their bases resemble muscular masses of roots that allow them to walk at slow speeds. It actually walks on three stubby "feet", two of which move in synchronicity with one another while the third helps to keep balance. Sticking out of its root mass are several sharp spines used for communication. The Triffid's main body is a long tube ending in a spotted flower, the inside of which contains a long venomous stinger that flicks out like a lizard's tongue.

Powers and Abilities

The Triffids possess the following powers and abilities:

  • Sentience
  • Burrowing into human bodies
  • Mimicking cell phones and human voices


The Triffids are killed after it is discovered that their weakness is saltwater.


  • The film was based on John Wyndham's 1951 novel of the same name.

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