Movie Monster Wiki

Category Detail Worksheet

Action Plan

  1. Create definitions for Existing undefined categories
  2. Create descriptive New Categories and their descriptions
  3. Adjust category members to reflect descriptions

Step One:

  • Read all undated categories to determine scope of project for updating category page descriptions.
  • Edit page category lists to combine duplicate categories as needed.
  • Make a list of all zero member categories to submit for removal.

Step Two:

  • Assess populated categories to determine the need for new descriptive categories.
  • Make a list of proposed sub-category descriptors.
  • Write description pages for all 'new' categories.

Step Three:

  • Submit new category outlines to global message for feedback.
  • Discuss proposed changes with wiki members and staff.
  • Edit established category description pages missing data.

Action Details

  1. Write task examples to clarify intended changes.
  2. Give category combining examples.
  3. Prewrite category page definitions for review and feedback.
  4. List sub-category inclusions and reasoning.
  5. Write detailed page descriptions for intended New Categories.
  6. Submit New Category pages for admin approval if necessary.
  7. Write guildlines for new categories and their descriptions.

Action Plan Intended Results and Reasoning

Being new to wiki editing, while building pages and adding categories, I've noticed some are removed by staff while others have only a single entry with no description.

Looking at the categories in the category list, I've noticed many categories duplicate similar descriptions. This 'bloats' the category list with redundant listings. It also diminishes search results when searches are made by category. For Example: Category 'Aquatic Monsters' and Category 'Fish'. Both categories are aquatic.

Since this specific wiki is about Movie Monsters, all pages should be focused on monsters so Aquatic Monsters would include "Fish" because the Fish monster pages are aquatic. Aquatic monsters would also include Amphibians. The Aquatic Monsters category already has an established page description: "This category contains all monsters that are either semi-aquatic or fully aquatic." There are 'currently' 115 monster pages in the Aquatic Monsters category. The Fish category has a description "This category contains all fish monsters." There are 'currently' 51 monster pages in the Fish category. Many of the monster pages appear in both categories which is redundant.

The existing category Monsters By Attributes is defined as "This category includes all monsters categorized by miscellaneous attributes." Of the 25 entries for Monsters By Attributes, 22 are specific categories. This works as an additional search keyword for specific monster pages within specific categories. The current 3 monster pages which appear should be removed from Monsters By Attributes in favor of their respective descriptor categories. This preening returns the search effectiveness of the Monsters By Attributes category. The Description for Monsters By Attributes should be changed to something like; "This category provides a searching index of established descriptive categories." In addition a Sub-Heading 1 "Note" or "Notice" should be added like; "This category is not intended for individual Monster Pages." Then on the individual monster page category list Monsters By Attributes will apply via its individual descriptive category...Example: Aquatic Monsters.

I will be editing the monster pages I have created to reflect this change, IE: Licker (When I get to the editing task). The other two monster pages should also have their category lists modified to remove those entries from Monsters By Attributes.