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Image & Video Database

Since at least 1 image is desired for each monster page, uploading images is the first step to creating a new movie monster page. It then seems sensible to preload images to our databse to reduce page creation time and effort. Here are some shortcuts and tips to make using the image database easier and faster.

  • In the 'caption' section of the image upload interface, copy and paste the movie title for the source material.
  • When renaming the file prior to upload, use the movie title as the image file name, followed by whatever you desire.


Slender Man (2018) (in the caption section of the image upload interface)

Slender Man (2018) main (as the main page image file name)

Slender Man (2018) 1, 2, 3, etc... (as additional images file names)

Pacific Rim (2013) knifehead, scunner, slattern, etc... (if the names of the monsters are not the same as the name of the movie file names)

This allows anyone who wants to create a movie monster page to quickly find photos and videos for a specific monster or movie. It also means images of the monsters and their movie titles do not need to be uploaded together at the same time.

I've also noticed large image sizes take longer to submit. Recently I have been resizing images before I submit them to 800x600px or less but not under 200px. The wiki often resizes them to thumbnails anyway. Its merely a time saving trick when uploading multiple pictures.

When there are alternate movie titles (aka=Also Known As) I use the aka naming in the file name but use the common movie title in the caption description. I also do this when the same monster is done in two different movies like remakes and reboots.

Example: searching 'Fright Night'

File:Fright Night (1985) jerry dandridge roar

File:Fright Night (1985) jerry dandridge main1

File:Fright Night (1985) jerry dandridge main

File:Fright Night (2011) jerry dandridge action

File:Fright Night (2011) jerry dandridge main2

File:Fright Night (2011) jerry dandridge main

This naming convention allows you to find 'Fright Night' images (including movie posters for both films) or 'Jerry Dandridge' images. It also alows you to find 'Fright Night 1985' images or 'Fright Night 2011' images. This comes in real handy when building individual pages for multiple monsters in a single film (like 'Pacific Rim').

Note: This is intended to be an on-going blog of tips and tricks used to create and/or maintain the Movie Monster Wiki. As new methods are discovered this page will change. Feel free to add to it.