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Zilla is the main antagonist of the 1998 American kaiju film Godzilla.

When nuclear tests near the French Polynesian islands mutate a marine iguana, the resulting gigantic creature migrates to New York City in order to build a nest.


Zilla is a large reptilian creature with a posture similar to that of a theropod dinosaur. It has navy blue scales on its back and a much lighter underbelly. Its head is very box-like with a thin upper jaw and a very large lower jaw with a large chin. Zilla has powerful forearms and a long tail held out behind it for balance. On its back are large triangular scutes, including two abnormally large ones on its shoulders.

Powers and Abilities

Zilla possesses the following powers and abilities:

  • Powerful jaws
  • Enormous size
  • Near-invulnerability
  • Fast running
  • Amphibious locomotion
  • Fast swimming
  • Burrowing
  • Parthenogenetic reproduction


Zilla is seemingly killed after being bombarded with torpedos. However, it is revealed that it survived. It is later killed after being tangled in the cables of a support bridge and then bombarded with missiles.

In Godzilla: Final Wars, Zilla is killed by Godzilla's atomic breath.


  • While "Zilla" is technically only used to refer to the 2004 incarnation of this creature, and the 1998 creature is officially called "Godzilla", the former name will be used to refer to the 1998 version here for convenience's sake.
  • Although Zilla is said to be a marine iguana, marine iguanas do not inhabit the islands of French Polynesia.

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